kitesurf Lessons

Kitesurf lessons

At Earth Wind Water we offer kitesurf lessons for every level of rider. From beginner to advanced.

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Questions about taking Lessons

Why take kite boarding lessons? Can't I just watch or buy a few videos and learn it myself?

Kite boarding is an extreme sport and can be very dangerous. You wouldn't just jump out of a plane without taking sky diving lessons or for that matter try to fly the plane without a flying lesson. A kite boarding kite can generate allot of potential energy, without getting too technical think of it as pressing the accelerator pedal on your car from a stop, then not using the brakes. Learning the kite's wind window and handling the kite teaches us how to control the acceleration and of course how to slow down and stop as well. This is not like driving though.

Do board sports help? Do I need to be a windsurfer, wake boarder or surfer to learn kite boarding?

Board sports do help with balance and edging and familiar with how to ride but are not necessary.

Do I need to have good arms to hold onto the kite?

No although you will have to be able to steer the kite, modern kites are easy to control, most of the pull is located in the harness below your waist.

What about disabilities? I have some other injuries.

Kitesurfing and kiteboarding is not recommended for people that have back injuries or other injuries that are not stable. We are not doctors or heath care professionals.
If you are in doubt about if you can do this sport due to physical limitations : please consult a professional physician, and ask him if he thinks that you are able to perform the sport. There are many people with physical disabilities that are able to do this sport with some modification.
Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and some disabilities may be overcome by using different gear and be able to ride, it ultimately is up to you and how you think that you can handle the sport.

That being said have a safe and fun kite boarding lesson. It's a fun and rewarding sport.