About us

What is Earth Wind and Water about? Stoke.

Feel the rush of the adrenaline from riding the waves, being towed into waves by a kite, boosting a huge back roll kite loop or towed along by the wind in a big open field.

Use nature's elements (wind. waves, hills) to propel across the land and water.

Share the stoke, share the passion for kiteboarding, surfing, tow surfing, wakeboarding.

Any questions, tech support or actual experience will be shared.

Kiteboarding, Surfing, Tow surfing, Wakeboarding, Skateboarding all come together.

Stoked to be working with Offdalip.com also located here on Oahu.

What are you riding now?

Everyone asks what I'm riding and which gear I like, so here's my selection:

WAVE KITE: Slingshot Rally, Slingshot Fuel

Slingshot Rally

I really like the 2012 Slingshot 10M Rally for surf and for all around kiting. This kite can generate power and turns well and has light/medium bar pressure. In the waves the kite has lots of drift and is forgiving if you are riding towards it on a wave. Bar pressure is light and the kite turns fast for a delta hybrid kite. +Easy re launch, Good hang time, Fast Turning and medium bar pressure.

Slingshot Fuel

This is a straight up C kite, power through turns, good drift and excellent for surfing. I fly the 2011 9m and 11m with a four line bar. For more wind range would probably try a fifth line but I like four lines for simplicity. The Fuel also has good solid power and flies fast in the window upwind.



We are located in Kailua Hawaii and have been active in kite boarding since 2003.

Contact Information:

John Bertsch
Kailua, HI 96734
Phone: 808-263-0117
Email: ewiskjohn@yahoo.com